ClassACT HR85 Presents 

Healing American Democracy: 

A Conversation with Michael Abramowitz, ’85, president of Freedom House 

The fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989 seemed to mark the triumph of democracy.  Yet, three decades later, democratic governance is declining around the globe. Shockingly to many, recent events have called into question the security and vibrancy of American democracy as well. 

ClassActHR85 welcomes fellow alumni to join us in exploring the issue of democracy protection.  To launch our initiative into this vital and timely issue, we are excited to announce an upcoming online event: “Healing American Democracy: A Conversation with Michael Abramowitz, ’85, president of Freedom House.”  The event will take place on TUESDAY, DECEMBER 15 @8:00 PM EST

Freedom House was founded in 1941 to advocate for American participation in World War II and the fight against fascism.  Since 1973, Freedom House has been assessing levels of democracy in every country around the globe in its annual report Freedom in the World.  Michael Abramowitz has been the president of Freedom House since 2017. 

This online event will consist of a moderated conversation between Michael and David Schanzer, ’85, followed by an open discussion on democracy protection and ways private citizens can work towards securing American democracy.   

Preregistration for the event is required.  Please join us here.

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